Company Info

Pravasi Industrial and Infrastructure Development Company Limited is a limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Act, 1956. The registered office of the Company is situated in Kerala, India. The company has an initial authorised share capital of Rs.1000,000,00/- ( Rupees Ten Crore Only ) which is divided into 100,00,000 equity shares of Rs.10/- each.. The company’s business plan includes Infrastructure development, Food processing, Heavy equipment rental services, Promoting Agriculture, Promoting small and medium scale Industries, Health care sector, Implementing beautification projects of Towns and Promoting the Tourism sector.

Bureaucratic obstacles, corruption, lack of proper infrastructure facilities are a few of the reasons to deter NRIs from investing in India or from coming back to India. However in the past decade, after the economy boom and the global meltdown, many NRIs are returning back to India. In a recent study conducted by Harvard University, 50% of the NRI returnees are doing so for entrepreneurship and business start-up reasons. In India it is important to welcome back the non-residents since it is guaranteed that they will contribute towards the economy in a meaningful way.

The Indian economy, which is the third largest Asian economy, has grown 5.7% in the three months ended June 2014 from the same period ended in 2013. This acceleration is supported by improvement in manufacturing sector and renewal in industrial production. India’s macroeconomic conditions are also looking better since the deficit is lower than the previous year figure. Indian economy boomed while the US and other countries suffered through struggling economies.

The global meltdown in 2008 definitely contributed towards many NRIs returning to India; however, due to the mass exodus of Indians leaving the West and returning to India, the urge to return is only going to grow since the returnees have started and will continue to start thousands of companies which will provide equal or better opportunities than there are in the West.

NRIs have returned to India for other reasons as well. Leveraging the education and experiences they gained abroad, they are applying their skills and contributing towards India’s economy in numerous ways, across all sectors and walks of life. Whether it be business start-ups, non-profits, high-level positions at MNCs, or purely to be in a country that they can confidently call “home”, NRIs have been returning in a massive scale ever since the US recession began. Indian scientists and engineers are returning due to better career and growth prospects in India versus the West. There is more job security, as well as the intangible benefits of better family and cultural ties.

To tap on the new trend, the company wants to provide all the facilities, in whatever field may be, to the NRI returnees in order to help set up their business base in India.